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Summer Vacation Schemes (London & Hong Kong)
Deadline: 19/01/2019
Eligibility: 2nd year law (or 3rd year law students on a four year degree), 3rd year non-law students (or final year non-law students on a four year degree) or graduates and postgraduates from any discipline

Training Contracts (London, Manchester & Hong Kong)
We are recruiting for March 2022, September 2022 and March 2023
Deadline: 31/05/2020
Eligibility: 2nd year law (or 3rd year law students on a four year degree), 3rd year non-law students (or final year non-law students on a four year degree) or graduates and postgraduates from any discipline

London Insight Scheme
Deadline: 16/02/2020
Eligibility: 1st year law (or 2nd year if you are on a four year course) and 2nd year non-law (or 3rd year if you are on a four year course)

Open Day Events:
London Open Day (5 December 2019) - Deadline 10/11/2019
Hong Kong Open House Event (7 November 2019) - Deadline 20/20/2019
London Open Day (27 February 2020) - Deadline 31/01/2020
Manchester Open Day (26 March 2020) - Deadline 27/02/2020

Manchester Legal Apprentice
Deadline: 31/03/2020
Eligibility: Year 13 A Level Student

London Career Kick-Start Work Experience Programme
Deadline: 15/03/2020
Eligibility: Year 12 students only   

Brand Ambassador for BCLP
Deadline: 03/05/2020
Eligibility: University students studying any discipline at any stage. You can apply for the Brand Ambassador role in conjunction with any of our other opportunities.

We will consider applications for Brand Ambassadors from the following Universities and based on the applications we receive will pick 14 Universities to represent us across the UK:

King’s College London, University College London, Durham, Exeter, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Queen Mary University of London, York, London School of Economics, Warwick, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Essex, Sussex, Keele, SOAS, Sheffield, Leicester & Cardiff.

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner work on a rolling recruitment basis so we encourage applicants to submit an application early, if you leave applying for the role on the date of the deadline your application maybe overlooked. Typically we open for applications from September - January for our Vacation Schemes (this includes the opportunity to interview for a Training Contract) and September - May for our Training Contracts.

We do not recruit on a rolling basis for the Manchester and Hong Kong Training Contract. Once the deadline has passed in May we will invite successful candidates to an assessment centre.

Lastly, good luck from all of us, whatever stage you are at in your studies and/or application process.


We are committed to making all stages of our recruitment process accessible to candidates with disabilities or long-term health conditions. If you consider yourself to have a disability or a long-term health condition, please feel able to be open about this at any point during the recruitment process and our graduate recruitment team will work with you to establish the most suitable adjustments at each stage of the recruitment process. Please contact Alex Roots, Graduate Recruitment Advisor on to have a confidential conversation.

Our online application form includes a section which allows you to advise us of any extenuating circumstances that are relevant for us to consider when reviewing your application form. We also use Rare Contextual Recruitment System when screening applications to increase greater diversity of backgrounds at entry level.

Vacation Schemes and Training Contract:

1. Online application form - includes your personal details, academics, work experience and some competency based questions surrounding your career motivation in the legal sector. We will also be looking for in depth research on BCLP with a strong written communication style with strong attention to detail in spelling, punctuation and grammar.
2. Assessment Centre - includes a drafting exercise, business style role play, group negotiation exercise and interview. Please see our FAQ section on our website for a more in depth description of each stage of the assessment centre.
3. Vacation scheme
You’ll be provided with a trainee, associate and partner buddy. Throughout the vacation scheme you’ll be assigned various tasks, including at least one piece of written work to assess your drafting skills. The scheme will also include , interactive workshops, a pro bono task and a mock client pitch. Whilst on your vacation scheme you will also complete a (4) partner interview this will be the final stage of the assessment and determine if you will be hired or not.
4. Partner interview
The Partner interview is scheduled for 1 hour, be expected to interview with two senior representative of the firm.
If successful at partner interview you’ll be offered a training contract – congratulations! Successful candidates will typically have four weeks to accept our offer.
The process is the same if you are applying for a Manchester Training Contract. If you are applying for a Hong Kong opportunity, the process is the same however at the Assessment Centre, you shall not take part in a group negotiation.

Insight Scheme:

1. Online application form - includes your personal details, academics, work experience and a question that evaluates your career motivation.
2. Interview - If your application is successful, you will be interviewed by a member of the Graduate Recruitment Team. This will be a telephone interview to evaluate your career motivation, knowledge of BCLP, extra curricular activities and the skills that these have enabled you to develop, we will also give you a scenario based question to analyse your commercial awareness. 
3. Insight Scheme Offer - Congratulations! You will have two weeks to accept. During the insight scheme you will be allocated a trainee buddy and will sit within a department of your choice (subject to business need). You will be invited to departmental workshops, interview skills sessions and networking events. You will be encouraged to get involved in firm wide diversity & inclusion events if these are happening during the scheme.

Brand Ambassador:

1. Online Application - Includes your personal details, academics, work experience and some competency based questions. We are looking for candidates with a strong network on campus that is relevant and could help to promote our brand.
2. Video Interview - You will have a video interview via Skype with a member of the graduate recruitment team. During this interview we want to hear your ideas surrounding improving our brand at your university.  
3. Offer - Congratulations, you will have two weeks to accept and would have to complete a training day in our London office in August 2020.

Manchester Apprentice Programme:

1. Online application form - includes your personal details, academics, work experience and some career motivation questions.
2. Telephone screening - once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by the Graduate Recruitment team who will conduct an initial telephone interview. During this interview you will be asked questions surrounding your knowledge of BCLP (and specifically the Manchester office), your career motivation and we will ask for examples from you to highlight how you work efficiently and manage your time.
3. Assessment Centre – we will hold up to three assessment centres in April 2020. During these assessments you will be given a written exercise, group negotiation exercise and interview. There will also be the opportunity to meet with some of our existing apprentices. Please see our FAQ section on our website for a more in depth description of each stage of the assessment centre.
4. Offers made - Congratulations! Provisional offers made subject to confirmation of A-level results.
5. Offers confirmed – Candidates confirm A-level grades to BCLP in August 2020; BPP and BCLP on-boarding commences.

Career Kick Start (Year 12 only):

1. Online Application - You will need to complete an online application form and provide a contact that is happy to act as a reference for you from your school. We are looking for candidates that can clearly articulate their motivation for pursuing a career in law and can provide examples of the skills you need to be successful in this field.
2. Offer - Congratulations! Candidates that are invited onto the programme will have two weeks to accept.

Open Day: 
1. Online Application - We are looking for candidates that are interested and well researched into BCLP.
2. Offer - We shall inform candidates that are invited to the Open Day at least one week before.

If you’d like to discuss anything with a member of the team further, feel free to email: or call: +44(0)20 3400 1000


We have compiled a list of FAQs that we hope you find useful.

Job Description of a Trainee Solicitor

Salary: First Year Starting Salary, London: £40,000

Trainees work on challenging projects from the outset and are given a high level of responsibility. Trainees rotate through four, six-month seats in different parts of the business and are encouraged to gain contentious and non-contentious experience during their two-year training contract. We encourage all of our trainees to undertake a secondment; we have a range of secondment opportunities including  on-site with clients or internationally to one of our overseas offices.

Our Trainees benefit from receiving in-depth department training at the beginning and during each seat, which will give them the legal know-how to succeed in their department. Trainees can expect to receive 232 hours of training by the time you are a qualified lawyer.

Key duties will include, but not be limited to:

- Client Contact – speaking with clients face to face and on the telephone, finding out their needs and establishing how to help

- Legal Research – researching relevant areas of law, proposing courses of action, putting forward ideas to supervisors

- Legal Excellence – drafting letters, contracts and other legal documents

- Client and Supervisor Support – supporting the supervisor when acting on behalf of clients on negotiations

Qualifications and skills

We welcome applications from students and graduates of any discipline and from any university. We no longer have a minimum requirement for grades. Please note, to be eligible to apply for a training contract you must be in at least your penultimate year of a law degree or final year of a non-law degree.

 We are also looking for you to demonstrate that you have the skills and behaviours which would expect from our trainees:

  • Hardworking and well-rounded individuals
  •  Willingness to learn
  • Ability to demonstrate commercial awareness
  • Intellectual ability and creativity
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Relationship building and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to a career in law
  • Resilience
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Actively looking to develop self and own skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Time management and organisation skills

When and how to apply

Applications for vacancies in March 2022, September 2022 and March 2023 will need to be made via our online application form. The closing date for applications is 31 May 2020.

The Application process- Vacation Scheme & Training Contracts

What is the assessment process for training contract/vacation scheme applications?
The process for training contract and vacation scheme applications is the same. We ask that you submit an online application form (please go to our Apply section to access this form). When you receive your confirmation email it will instruct you to log into your homepage and complete your online test, you have 5 days to complete this. During the application form you will be asked to answer questions regarding your career motivation, why you have the skills to be a good solicitor, why you wish to work here and questions that demonstrate your commercial awareness and robustness. Candidates will be rejected if they do not complete the test within the 5 day window, however we do not reject people on the basis of the online test score and screen every application.

If you are successful at this stage, we will then invite you to an assessment centre. The assessment will typically run from 09.30 until 16:00 and will include a drafting exercise, a business style role play, a team-based negotiation exercise and a 30 minute pre-interview with a member of HR and a Senior Associate.

If you are applying for a training contract in Manchester, you are not eligible to apply for a vacation scheme in London. The application process for the Manchester Training Contract is the same as above.

You can apply for a Vacation Scheme in conjunction with a Training Contract in Hong Kong. You must complete an online application and the verbal reasoning test. The assessment centres in Hong Kong are the same as above excluding a negotiation exercise.

What can I expect for the drafting exercise?
We will give you some documents to review with instructions to write an analysis of a business. You will not need any prior knowledge of the subject area to complete this task successfully.

What is a business style role play?
You will be given a briefing document that outlines a scenario and your objectives. You will have 15 minutes to prepare before meeting with a Partner. This role play will be based on the same subject as the drafting exercise.

What is a group negotiation?
You will be split into two groups and will be partnered up. With your negotiating partner you shall be acting on behalf of a client. All candidates will receive information that is available to both parties. There will be information provided that is not available to the other side. You will have 30 minutes to prepare with your negotiating partner and then you will have 30 minutes to negotiate terms and a positive outcome for your team. This exercise will be assessed by a Partner from BCLP. For the final 15 minutes the Partner will ask the group some questions - eg. How do you think the negotiation went? What would you do differently if you could do this exercise again?

What can I expect during the interview with Associates and HR?
This interview will last around 30 minutes and shall evaluate your career motivation, legal excellence (this just means we want to understand the processes surrounding the way you work), commercial awareness and how you build relationships.

What happens after the assessment centre?
If you are successful at the assessment centre and are applying for a vacation scheme, we will then offer you a place. During the scheme you will have the opportunity to have a final round training contract interview which will last for 60 minutes and will be with two Partners. If you applying for a training contract directly and are successful at the assessment centre stage, we will then invite you back in to our office for a final round training contract interview.

Online Verbal Reasoning Test:
Please note that in March 2019 we decided to not continue our agreement with our online test provider. We do not currently require candidates to complete the online test (this may change in September 2019 so please refer to the confirmation email you receive when you submit your application). If you had already completed the online test before March 2019 , you will not be at a disadvantage. For recruitment round 19/20 we decided to not reject candidates based on their scores from the online test. We screened and continue to screen every single application and if you receive a rejection, this will not be because of your test result. During the time that our contract with the online test provider was live, we continued to ask candidates to complete the test for data capture.

How many training contract vacancies do you have?
London 2022/23 - 32

Manchester 2021/22 - 2-3 places

Hong Kong 2021/22 - 2-3 places

I have a 2.2 and/or lower than 340 UCAS points.  Is it worth my time applying?
Yes, we no longer have a minimum requirement. We are proud to be using the Rare Contextual Recruitment System for this recruitment year. This system has enabled us to embed social mobility measures and educational data into our recruitment process. This means we will better understand your achievements, particularly if you narrowly fall short of the stated criteria.

Do you favour applications from any particular universities?
No, we welcome applications from graduates of any discipline and from any university. Our current trainee population studied at 31 different universities.

If my vacation scheme application is unsuccessful, can I apply for a training contract? 
If your vacation scheme application is unsuccessful we will not reconsider you for a training contract in the same year; however this does not restrict you from reapplying the following recruitment season. The recruitment season opens in September.

What do I do if I am unsuccessful during the application process?
BCLP are proud to offer feedback on your application form, we will send you an email response with the main reasons we have not invited you to the next stage. Due to the number of applications we receive, we cannot give any further detail other than this email. If you are unsuccessful during the application process and wish to reapply you can do so in the next recruitment season.

What do I do if I am unsuccessful at the assessment centre? 
Please email requesting feedback. We will send you a link to sign up to a 10 minute slot where a member of the graduate recruitment team will call you. We cannot organise these on an adhoc basis, all available sessions will be available via the online system.

I am unsure whether to apply for a Vacation Scheme or a Direct Training Contract, what shall I do?
This is a question we are asked frequently in the team and ultimately it must be a decision you make for yourself. Usually candidates that apply for the direct route have obtained legal work experience or completed a vacation scheme with another firm. We also understand that not everybody can take 1-2 weeks off or perhaps you have been working in the industry already. We would always recommend applying for a vacation scheme if you can/haven't got much work experience on your C.V as it is a two way interview and a chance for you to decide whether this is the place you would like to start your career.

How many times can I apply for a vacation scheme and/or training contract?
We do not have a limit on how many times a candidate can apply to us. Candidates who have been rejected at assessment centre for a vacation scheme are not eligible to apply for a direct training contract in the same recruitment year. If you are to apply multiple times, we would expect that you reflect on your previous application and ways in which you can improve going forward. In addition we would want to see that you have progressed since your previous application, this may include work experience, further study and performance at assessment centre.

What should I do if I am already qualified in another country?
If you are already qualified in another country you may be able to take the QLTS in order to be able to practice in the UK. Please refer to the Solicitors Regulation Authority's website at to find out more.


Training Contract

What is the induction like when I start my training contract?
The induction programme is held during the two weeks before you start your first seat; you will be trained in using the firm’s IT systems and library resources, develop your understanding of the firm, the different practice areas, support services and the trainee role through a variety of presentations and workshops. Our trainees are recruited with the view that they are the future of the firm, therefore you will also take part in a bespoke three day career development course which will not only help you make a quick transition to trainee solicitor, but will also endow you with the necessary skills and know-how for your legal career.

What other training will I receive during my training contract?
During each seat you will attend trainee-specific technical training sessions designed and led by our own know-how and fee-earning lawyers. In addition, you will be expected to complete the Practice Skills Course as required by the Solicitor's Regulation Authority. The course is made up of a series of modules carefully selected by our Learning and Development team to provide you with relevant, practical skills that serve the firm's practice areas, and in turn, you.

What other support is available to me during my training contract?
Throughout the period leading up to the start of your training contract and also throughout your two year training the graduate recruitment team are always on hand to assist in any way. In addition you will receive day-to-day support from your supervisor, who you will most likely share an office with. Furthermore all trainees are allocated a Partner mentor who will help advise you settle into the firm, advise you on your seat choices and guide you through the qualification process. 

How do you organise the Professional Skills Course?
The PSC is organised and run in-house by our own training team supported by external trainers and is ongoing throughout the training contract.

When will I choose my seats, and can I choose the ones I want?
Halfway into each seat we encourage you to meet with your Partner Mentor to discuss your training contract to date, and going forward. This conversation will prepare you for our one-on-one meeting with a member of the firm's Graduate Recruitment and Development team where you discuss your seat preferences and which seats might be best suited to help you reach your career ambitions. We always ask for trainee seat preferences and we endeavor to meet these; on average 85% of our trainees will receive their first or second preference each seat. You should expect to complete a seat in both real estate and corporate finance and, in line with the Solicitor's Regulation Authority's requirements, undertake contentious work. This can be satisfied either by doing a litigation seat or a non-litigation seat with contentious aspects.

Are there any opportunities for secondments or working abroad whilst I am training?
We also offer secondment opportunities to our Abu Dhabi, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore offices. There may be occasions during your time in the London office where you may get the chance to travel internationally to meet or work with our clients. In addition, we regularly send trainees to our clients on secondments within the UK.  

What opportunities are there to use language skills?
Our international business has doubled in the last five years and as a result foreign languages are highly sought after.

Apprenticeships - Manchester Office

What are the minimum qualifications needed to apply?
You must have a minimum of 5 GCSEs (or equivalent) at Grade C or above including English and Maths, and  240 UCAS points (or equivalent) excluding General Studies.

What is the recruitment process?
If your application meets our criteria, you will be invited to have a short telephone interview or face to face interview with the recruitment team from BCLP. If you perform well at this stage, you will be invited to an Assessment Centre at our offices in central Manchester.

Our Assessment Centres typically comprise of a number of exercises which will include a group exercise, written exercises and a formal interview.  You will also get the opportunity to chat to some of our current Legal Apprentices on a more informal basis.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for candidates who are enthusiastic and motivated about commencing their career in law. Individuals with great communication and organisational skills as well as the ability to work to tight deadlines and as part of an ever-growing team will thrive in our firm.

Where will I be working?
As a Legal Apprentice, you will be embedded into one of our fee-earning teams who provide quality transactional support on a wide range of some of BCLP’s most important client matters. In Manchester we work closely with our London colleagues in an innovative and client-focused way and our legal teams adopt new ways of working in a cutting edge manner.

What will I be doing?
Reporting to a Senior Associate or Team Leader, you’ll provide first-class legal support on top-quality legal work and will have the opportunity to build some great legal experience for some of the best known business brands in the world.
You’ll be supporting our Associates and Paralegals on a wide range of transactions for Real Estate, Corporate Finance, Commercial, Banking and other practice groups. You may be conducting document reviews or contributing to the development of legal processes or other continuous improvement activities. You’ll spend four days a week in the office focusing on your on-the-job learning.

When will I be studying?
You will have regular weekly teaching either remotely through BPP’s Online Classroom Live technology or through face-to-face sessions with tutors. We provide one day a week of paid study time in order to ensure that you can focus plenty of time on your learning and we would expect that you will also be committed to spending some of your own time studying.

What qualification will I receive?
You will be studying for the Paralegal Apprenticeship and can achieve the academic award of a Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education (Legal Services) awarded by BPP University. If you successfully complete your Paralegal Apprenticeship and the Certificate of Higher Education, and choose to continue with the Solicitor Apprenticeship, you will gain an exemption from year 1 of the Solicitor Apprenticeship on the proviso that you have chosen Contract Law as an elective module.

What will my starting salary be?
On commencement of the apprenticeship with us, your starting salary will be £16,500. You will also receive a suite of competitive benefits.

Graduate Diploma in Law(GDL) & Legal Practise Course(LPC)

Do we have a preferred LPC provider?
Future trainees follow our firm-specific LPC (the "LLM+") at the University of Law, Moorgate or The University of Law in Manchester.

I have already completed the LPC at another institution - will this affect my chances of obtaining a training contract?
Not at all, plenty of candidates apply for training contracts having already completed the LPC. If you have already completed your LPC before you apply, we will not ask for you to complete the tailored LLM+.

Do I have any choice over the electives I do on the LLM+?
The second semester is tailored and electives will focus on our core areas of corporate, finance, real estate, litigation and tax. All our future trainees will follow the same courses.

Do we have a preferred GDL provider?
We request that our future trainees complete the GDL course at any University of Law branch. If you have completed it elsewhere, this will not affect your application.

Do we pay for someone to study the GDL and/or LPC?
BCLP meet all fees associated with both the GDL and LPC if you have not started or completed your studies when being offered and accepting a training contract. We do not pay course fees retrospectively.

Do we offer a maintenance grant?
We offer a maintenance grant of £7,200 per annum for both the GDL and LPC years.

What efforts will the firm make to keep in contact with me during my studies?
All future trainees are allocated a trainee “buddy” who along with the graduate recruitment team is available to answer any queries you may have before starting your training contract. You will also be invited to any firmwide events, trainee committee socials and asked if you would like to join one of our many societies or sports teams. You will be updated on any news and developments at the firm via email.

Is it possible to defer my start date for 6/9 months?
We assess each request on an individual basis. Please contact the graduate recruitment team to discuss at

What are the current trainee and NQ salaries?
First year trainees have a salary of £40,000 increasing to £45,000 in their second year. Upon qualification the salary increases to £70,000. In Manchester your starting salary is £27,000 increasing to £30,000 in your second year.

Support & Adjustments

We are committed to making all stages of our recruitment process accessible to candidates with disabilities or long-term health conditions. If you consider yourself to have a disability or a long-term health condition, please feel able to be open about this at any point during the recruitment process and our graduate recruitment team will work with you to establish the most suitable adjustments at each stage of the recruitment process. Please contact Alex Roots, Graduate Recruitment Advisor on to have a confidential conversation.

Our online application form includes a section which allows you to advise us of any extenuating circumstances that are relevant for us to consider when reviewing your application form. We also use Rare Contextual Recruitment System when screening applications to increase greater diversity of backgrounds at entry level.

We encourage all future and current Trainees to disclose if you have a disability, any caring responsibilities, mental health problems or long term health conditions to the Graduate Recruitment team prior to you joining us. We want to make sure we can support you during your two years before joining and ensure we work with you to put the correct adjustments in place so that when you arrive you are equipped with everything you need to perform to the best of your ability.

If you inform us that you require any adjustments, or support with a personal circumstance, we will ensure that you have a point of contact to meet with throughout your Training Contract and prior to joining the firm.

During your time at BCLP we also have a disability ally programme in place where you can meet with other Trainees or more senior members of staff to discuss your experiences over an informal coffee. Please do get in touch if you would like us to set this up for you.

Graduate Recruitment will be present at the start of your LPC at the University of Law to talk through any further support we can offer you.

I require the application form in an alternative format, what do I do?
Please contact our graduate recruitment team, on +44(0)20 3400 1000 or When contacting us please provide details of the format you require.

Who do I contact if I need assistance during the recruitment process or if attending an event?

Please contact our graduate recruitment team, on +44(0)20 3400 1000 or When contacting us please provide details of your adjustment needs and your preferred method of communication and someone from the team will be in touch.


If your query is not still answered, please do not hesitate to contact someone from the team on

During peak season, we aim to reply within five working days.


If you still have questions, we'd love to talk with you in person at one of the many University events we run or attend.

Alternatively, if you would like to contact a member of the Graduate Recruitment and Development team, please get in touch:

Email for opportunities in London:

Email for opportunities across Asia:

Telephone: +44(0)20 3400 1000

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