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The culture at BCLP



We are steadfast in our commitment to making BCLP a diverse and inclusive firm — a place to belong. We believe that diversity enriches the quality and fabric of our culture and makes us a stronger, better firm. We strive every day to create an inclusive workplace where every individual can be themselves and contribute meaningfully to the firm’s success.

The strategy comprises of seven key areas of focus: Disability, Family & Carers, Gender Representation, LGBTQ*, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Social Inclusion, and Race & Ethnicity.


Hear from our Champions

  • Sunita Chawla

    Sunita Chawla, Partner – Real Estate

    "I am the joint partner champion of the firm’s Social Inclusion and Ethnicity Group.  This is something I am truly passionate about given my background and route into the legal profession. I am proud of the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.  Our recruitment initiatives, like Career Kick Start and Race for Change demonstrate how we aim to recruit the best talent from diverse backgrounds . Our focus on retention is promoted through an inclusive culture which ensures we are meritocratic in providing opportunities to all."


  • Daisy Reeves

    Daisy Reeves , Partner – Banking

    "BCLP has consistently ranked as a top ten LGBTQ* employer in the UK-wide and cross-sector Stonewall Work Equality Index and is also a Stonewall Top Trans Employer. I have been ‘out’ since I was a trainee (a very long time ago…) and, as well as being a Banking partner and Graduate Recruitment partner, I am one of the LGBTQ* Champions here. Come and join our award-winning LGBTQ* group or join our allies network. At BCLP you truly can BE YOU."

Aspiring Solicitors

Aspiring Solicitors is committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within the legal profession, where diverse exceptional talent is nurtured and developed to achieve potential.

Since 2013, Aspiring Solicitors has worked passionately and tirelessly to create a more inclusive and representative legal community. Working closely with students, universities, partner law firms and in-house legal teams, they provide opportunities for aspiring lawyers from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.

Their unique, innovative coaching, mentoring and work experience opportunities, along with their partnerships with law firms and in-house legal teams strive to empower the next generation of legal professionals to succeed and thrive.

To find out more about Aspiring Solicitors, its mission and opportunities available to AS Members, please visit their website and social media channels.