A core part of our firm's vision is to provide a better place to work than our competitors; this is not limited to the firm's culture, but also includes the best work, client, career opportunities and development. Central to that is the quality of our training and commitment to continuous learning.

The industry recognition we have received for our training, and other aspects of our investment in people, should serve to underline our commitment to the quality of work environment and immediacy of opportunity.

We firmly believe that our trainees are the future of our firm and we invest heavily in helping you fulfil your potential. Our investment commences before you start work here and continues throughout your career.

Carol Osborne

  • Carol Osborne

    Training Principal & Partner, M&A and Corporate Finance

    "As trainee principal, I have overall responsibility for our trainees and work closely with our Graduate Recruitment team to ensure each trainee receives proper supervision, experience, training and feedback. It is very important to the firm that our trainees feel challenged and rewarded in equal measure during their training contract. 

    I also participate in the recruiting process for training contract applicants, meet with new trainees at forums for each intake, oversee the seat rotation process and ensure that each trainees’ individual ambitions are matched with the demands of the business. It is particularly rewarding to also be one of the firm’s trainee mentors, taking personal responsibility as a mentor to several trainees.

    During the qualification process, I meet with the qualifying intake at least once as both a group and individually and liaise with our practice groups to ensure we find as many positions as we can for new qualifiers. I am always happy to offer advice and encouragement – feel free to get in touch!"


Working on major projects for prestigious clients, and learning in a supportive, entrepreneurial environment are critical to our people. But so are the rewards and recognition we offer for their achievements. That ranges from salary and pension contributions to things like medical care, six weeks off following qualification and discounted gym memberships.

We benchmark our rewards package against our peers to ensure we provide a highly competitive rewards package. The following provides a very quick snapshot of the current benefits package for trainees:


    • Richard Shaw

      Richard Shaw

      Partner, Technology & Commercial

      "Make sure you are properly briefed, and don't be afraid to ask if you don't know something."

    • Mark Richards

      Mark Richards

      Partner, Head of Projects & Infrastructure

      "Enthusiasm goes a long way, remaining positive and being curious - asking yourself is this the best I can do?"

    • Anthony Lennox

      Anthony Lennox

      Partner, Head of Insurance/Reinsurance

      "Treat everyone (no matter their position) in a way in which you would like to be treated yourself."

    • Elizabeth Bradley

      Elizabeth Bradley

      Partner, Global Head of Tax Advice and Controversy

      "Be focused, driven and set realistic goals. Believe in yourself and never give up!"

    • Kiran Arora

      Kiran Arora

      Partner, Energy, Environment and Infrastructure

      “This is a people business so engage with colleagues and clients, always be alert to opportunities both for yourself and the firm, and although we work hard we want to do so in a respectful and enjoyable environment”

    • Tim Smith

      Tim Smith

      Partner, Planning & Environment

      "If you are given a self-contained piece of work try and follow up what happened so that you can understand the context."

    • Emma Howdle-Fuller

      Emma Howdle-Fuller

      Partner, Head of Banking

      "There is no such thing as a stupid question - it is far better to ask than to go down the wrong path."

    • Simon Kenley

      Simon Kenley

      Partner, Commercial Real Estate

      "Keep an open mind and be bright and enthusiastic."

    • Damian Fleming

      Damian Fleming

      Partner, Commercial Real Estate

      “Take pride in your work product. From your first day in the office, your output will be making a difference to our clients’ business.”

    • James Good

      James Good

      Partner, Planning & Environment

      "Whatever happens try and be positive in outlook and attitude. Do not recite law - give advice, that is what clients pay for."